Yoga Slings (or Aerial Hammocks) and Aerial Silks are swathes of strong fabric hanging from the ceiling, and the sports teach how to use them moving one’s body into a range of elegant shapes and artistic combinations, at a wide number of levels and proficiency.

The Aerial Slings/Silks apparatus is part of the Aerial Arts/Fitness Circus Performance Artistry. 


Aerial Yoga Slings (in a hammock style) are a great way to be introduced to aerial artistry, because they provide excellent support whilst training the student to use more and more strength to hold on to the sling and support part of one’s weight. Yoga Slings are becoming increasingly popular and may even have a beneficial effect on mild backache and tension. The sport involves exercise for every part of one’s body, especially developing and reinforcing the core. Of all aerial arts, Aerial Slings are probably the most artistic and dance-like sport with flowy transitions; an extremely rewarding way to get in touch with one’s body and explore the infinite possibilities it offers.

The White Studio’s yoga slings (hammocks) are professionally rigged to the ceiling. ‘Tricks’, moves, holds, inverts and combos are part of all classes, from Beginner to Advanced level.


Aerial Silks are two swathes of fabric rigged to a ceiling mount, with no hammock at the bottom. The sport is challenging and will help all students develop upper body and core strength. Several techniques are taught, from footlocks to aerial inverts and wraps.     

Beginner classes cover the basic elements of Aerial Arts, Intermediate and Advanced levels add more elaborate movements and links shapes together via more complex transitions.

Classes are £13 drop-in, but there are class pass options which bring the cost down.




Drop-in class: £13 

Discount packages are also available

5-class pass £60

9-class pass £100

14-class pass £150