The White Studio pole and hoop classes – FAQs

Q: Is the studio open for physical classes?

A: Yes. It is open, in line with government guidelines and has been since 26 July after the first lockdown, then closed again from 5 November to 2 December. Of course we shall follow regulations and reflect any future change in policy for the foreseeable future. 

Q: What are the fees?

A: All new membership packages are suspended at the moment, as well as multi-class discounts. 


Hoops: £12 

Pole: £12

Flexibility Yoga Wheel: £8

Classes last 45 minutes to allow for some necessary cleaning between sessions. Only one student per piece of equipment, so you are booking a semi-private class since there are only five people in the studio at any given time and you are not sharing with anybody else. Exceptions are “bubbles”, i.e. students who share the equipment with someone who is part of their family/friends “bubble”. 


Hoops: £10 

Pole: £10 

Flexibility Yoga Wheel: £6


Once new memberships are offered, the monthly prices will be: 

£100 for unlimited pole and flexibility classes. 

£40 for unlimited flexibility classes. 

£80 for unlimited pole. 

£50 for one hoop class a week  (for the entire month). 

Flexibility Wheel FAQs


Q: Is The White Studio flexibility wheel really the only one available on sale in the UK?

A: You can import cheaper, plastic ones from China, but ours is the first and only wood and cork handmade wheel to be designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Q: What does the flexibility wheel do?

A: The flexibility wheel is an aid to stretching exercises aimed at opening up the shoulders, upper, middle and lower back. It is also a prop for strength and flexibility exercises involving arms, legs, hip flexors and quads. Crucially, it allows for dynamic stretching as well as passive. 

Q: Can I use it anywhere?

A: Absolutely. Its sturdiness and compact size and weight allow you to take it with you anywhere on holiday, or just keep in your room for daily or weekly exercises.

Q: How much weight can The White Studio Flexibility Wheel cope with?

A: We have tested it extensively up to 110kg. It comes with a warranty to that effect.

Q: Does your flexibility wheel come with a warranty? I have noticed that most on sale don’t have one.

A: The White Studio wheels are handcrafted and tested. We know how sturdy they are, and the warranty reflects our confidence in the product. Unlike the great majority of yoga (or flexibility) wheels which are imports from China and made a cheaper plastic and foam, these are made to last.

Q: Your Flexibility Wheel starts at £150, which looks a bit pricey.

A: You can get an off-the-shelf, industrially produced plastic wheel for less than half the price. Ours are handmade, designed, developed and produced in the UK with sustainable, natural materials like wood and cork. Unlike products made in bulk, you can specify the diameter you need, the thickness of the cork, and even select alternative woods or other materials. We can made it in different colours, add sparkles, and engrave your own logo. It is a wheel literally made for the individual.

Q: Do you do tutorials for its appropriate use?

A: The White Studio runs flexibility classes and we can even come to you for specific training. We publish short tutorials showing how to get acquainted with the flexibility wheel, and get the most out of it. If you register an interest, we’ll alert you whenever a new video is available.

Q: I am naturally very flexible already. Do I need a flexibility wheel?

A: It is a tool to become more aware of what your body does, and its movements. With a flexibility wheel, you may be able to exercise more control over balance, and hold backbends safely as your body naturally curves around the wheel’s surface. In short, there is always a little room for improvement, no matter what level of flexibility you enjoy already.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes. We ship anywhere; the parcel is fully insured, tracked and signed for.

Q: Could I have my wheel finished in a specific colour?

A: If you wish, yes.

Q: What is the lifespan of your flexibility wheel?

A: Provided it is used appropriately, within its load-bearing limits and taken care of just as you would for any other gym tool, it will last several years. We guarantee its functionality for two years.

Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

A: Possibly. Get in touch for details.

Q: Do you supply gyms and other studios?

 A: Absolutely. We also offer support for the classes they intend to run, as part of the service.   

Q: How do you clean the flexibility wheel?

A: Wipe INTERNAL surface with a soft damp cloth and a very small amount of baby liquid soap or similar cleaner.

A: Brush EXTERNAL surface with a CLEAN brush such as used with a dustpan (beware of embedding glass or other dangerous items into the cork).

Q: Is the Flexibility Wheel waterproof?

A: No. Do not immerse in water or throw into the sea/swimming pool as it will absorb the water, be weakened and collapse.