The White Studio tutorial videos are a valuable tool to support and inspire anybody’s journey into flexibility.

They are unique insofar as all exercises and moves are performed using a flexibility yoga wheel as a prop. You don’t have to own a The White Studio flexibility wheel to find our tutorials useful: anybody with a generic yoga wheel can take advantage of our suggested exercises to improve their flexibility.

The White Studio tutorials focus either on the purpose of overall better flexibility, or focus on specific areas, be it shoulders, backbends, front bends, box splits etc… but, unlike many other regimes on offer, using the flexibility wheel keeps all exercises well within the individual’s range of movement, protecting limbs and joints from overstretching.

Moreover, our tutorials offer a mix of passive and active flexibility, the healthiest balance to achieve during stretching.

Tutorials on sale:

TWS 001 – General stretching tutorial £9.99

Tutorials on sale:

TWS 002 – Balance and core tutorial £9.99

Coming soon!

TWS 003 – Backbends
TWS 004 – Front bends and splits

TWS 005 – Mini focus on upper back and shoulders
TWS 006 – Mini focus on lower back
TWS 007 – Mini focus on front splits