Flexibility Yoga Wheel timetable

(different levels and options offered within the same class: 

Mondays – 7.30pm. Drop-in, £8. Zoom online class, £6. 

Tuesdays – 7.30pm. Drop-in, £8. Zoom online class, £6. 

Thursdays – 6.30pm. INTRODUCTION TO THE YOGA WHEEL. Drop-in, £8. Zoom online class, £6. 

Saturdays – 11am. Drop-in, £8. Zoom online class, £6. 

The flexibility wheel is relatively new, as a tool to achieve deeper stretches and improve one’s backbends. Ours are even newer, because they are the only handmade wheels manufactured in the UK, using natural, sustainable products: wood and cork.

Do you want to learn new ways of stretching and improve your flexibility?

We use yoga wheels as a prop to reach parts other exercises cannot reach.

It is not yoga, and it is not just stretching: it’s The White Studio’s class where you can learn how to listen to your body and push its boundaries. There are no set stages, we all work at the level we are comfortable with, including your instructor.

The White Studio uses its own, bespoke, beautiful yoga wheels, made in the UK by local artisans. We only use natural materials, like different kinds of wood, and cork.

You are welcome to use your own yoga wheel too, of course.

The White Studio wheels are handcrafted, and do not ONLY come in the narrow, standard size available elsewhere on the market. They are slightly wider for extra support, but can also be specified according to the customer’s wishes.

…and yes, you can own one.