The White Studio: Pole and Aerial Fitness CHILDREN Instructor

XPERT (X-Pole) has awarded Bedford-based The White Studio instructor Angie Voluti its XPERT Children’s Pole & Aerial Professional Teacher Training qualification.

Endorsed by Active iQ (a professional recognition), the qualification allows the studio to run courses for children aged 5 and over.



The White Studio guest of The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Pole fitness instructor Angie Voluti is invited by Radio 2 to discuss the benefits of pole fitness during the popular The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

Bedford, 3 May 2018 – The White Studio owner and instructor Angie Voluti was invited by Radio 2 to participate in the popular The Chris Evans Breakfast Show to explain the benefits of pole fitness, give a live demonstration, and show that age is no barrier to the sport.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show chose Angie Voluti, who turned 53 on the same day as UK Pole Dance Day 2018 as a perfect example of how pole fitness may be suitable for people of all ages, shapes and levels of fitness.

Angie started training at 50 is now a fully-qualified Advanced Level pole fitness instructor; she runs The White Studio, a pole and flexibility yoga wheel studio in Bedford, UK.

“It was a brilliant opportunity to celebrate not only this year’s UK Pole Dance Day, on May 1, but also my 53rd birthday, which happens to be on the same day!” says Angie. “I was thrilled to be given the chance to talk about how pole fitness helps people of all ages to become more confident, get fitter, and have fun… all at the same time.”

The interview included a ‘live’ performance, with Angie being asked to demonstrate three moves of three different levels, Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced.

“My desire is to show anybody who feels they are too old, too unfit or simply ‘past it’ that there is no limit to what a human body can do, with safe training and guidance.”

Clip from The Chris Evans Breakfast Show:

Instructor Angie demonstrates pole fitness

For an interview with Angie or for more information/photos, call Jessica Whiting on 07769 188 136 or email

The White Studio at Morning Breakfast Show with Chris Evans, Radio 2

The White Studio owner and instructor Angie Voluti is interviewed by Chris Evans on Radio 2 about the benefits of pole fitness.

Watch the clip here




BRAND NEW: “AYCE” (All You Can Eat) membership

New scheme for current, past and future The White Studio students!

“All You Can Eat Flexy and Pole”

£90 a month gives unlimited access to all classes, pole and flexibility wheel. We are currently running 15 classes a week and “All You Can Eat” means you can attend them all, if you so wish.

£65 a month gives unlimited access to all the pole classes.

£40 a month gives unlimited access to all the flexibility classes.

Terms and conditions apply. Contact us at The White Studio for more information.

For Studio and Gym Owners: The White Studio’s Workshops

The White Studio runs the only Flexibility Wheel classes in Europe. We manufacture our wheels, and have devised a series of courses to suit students of all proficiency and flexibility levels. Classes target either specific muscle groups or overall flexibility and balance. Each move is explained and alternatives (easier and hard options) are given in order to challenge and stimulate every student.

The White Studio also runs pole fitness individual classes and courses. They, too, can be hosted by another gym or fitness centre.


If you would like your Studio or Gym to host The White Studio’s workshop, please get in touch.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking or ordering any services or products from The White Studio. You should understand that by ordering our services or products you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions.


Booking and Confirmation

Phone: 07491 800 919 Email:

Terms and Conditions

Places at our classes are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Places on our hosted workshops are allocated by the booking Studio’s owner/host.
Places are secured by the hosting Studio owner and follow the Studio’s booking rules. Places secured by The White Studio directly are only confirmed by full payment and screening forms as well as informed consent forms which all attendees must complete, providing contact details and any relevant medical information in full.

The White Studio screening forms and informed consent forms can be used by the hosting Studio owner, or the hosting Studio owner may use their own. In the event of workshops hosted by studio owners or third parties, The White Studio expects all screening and informed consent, payment and paperwork to have been completed by the hosting studio owner.

Should booking requests be received by The White Studio after the maximum number of students has been reached, The White Studio will notify the student and ask their permission to add their details to a waiting list. Should a space become available at the required event, spaces will be allocated in order of reservation, and the relevant student(s) will be notified as soon as possible, and spaces filled as such. In the case of hosted workshops, the hosting studio owner is in charge of managing attendee lists and waiting lists. The White Studio cannot guarantee any places for participants on the waiting list.


You can expect from us:

  •  Fun classes to be taught in a safe, secure environment and to the highest standard.
  •  To challenge and push your limits but not to push you beyond these.
  •  The teacher to be on time (with exception to unreasonable traffic, or circumstances beyond our control).
  •  The class to finish on time.
  •  The teacher to be qualified, insured and first-aid trained

What we expect from you:

  •  To arrive on time ready to start the class. If arriving early, whilst a previous class is still in session, you will asked respectfully to wait outside the room until the previous class is finished.
  •  To wear suitable and appropriate clothing that you can move comfortably in; to remove socks (soft dance/yoga shoes are permitted in the studio); all jewellery to be removed.
  •  To bring water/sports drink to rehydrate during class.
  •  To be respectful to all The White Studio instructors and try your hardest in class.
  •  To advise the teacher of any injuries or illness you may have prior to the start of the class (if different to your booking form).


1               Pricing

1.1 Prices are liable to change at any time, this will not affect any services/products that have already been agreed and confirmed.

1.2 Payment for services/products is required in full before the start of courses/class.

1.3 Should a class/workshop have less than 6 participants booked, we reserve the right to cancel this event. Participants will be given at least 2 days’ notice. Where possible The White Studio will use all reasonable endeavours to offer alternative opportunities. Should this not be possible, a full refund will also be given.

1.4 The White Studio currently accepts payment by cash or bank transfer. Receipts will be provided by email.

1.5 Student discount is available to students who can provide valid student identification. This offer can be withdrawn at any time.

1.6 Classes may be booked in block booking. If a student is unable to make their usual session, they are permitted to make this session up with another in the same block booking; weeks cannot be carried over into a new block. E.g. if a student normally attends 6:30-7:30pm on a Wednesday, they are permitted to attend a class on the Tuesday prior/following, but not beyond week five of a five-week block booking.

2               Cancellation and Refunds

2.1 Refunds are agreed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of The White Studio.

2.2 Unused sessions due to illness, school trips, changed minds or other absence will not be refunded.

2.3 Refunds will not be offered to customers who contact The White Studio on/after the day of the event that they were unable to attend.

2.4 Should a class have to be cancelled due to adverse weather or circumstances beyond our control, refunds will not be offered. A replacement class will try to be offered once confirmed with the class/club venue.

2.5 Should a class be cancelled by the venue and beyond our control then unfortunately a refund will not be available. We shall endeavour to arrange an alternative class but this may not also be possible.

2.6 Refunds for places for workshops delivered by The White Studio are to be negotiated with the studio owner.

2.7 There is a non-refundable 50% deposit amount for any workshop run by The White Studio. This deposit is payable within two weeks of enquiry, to secure the workshop, otherwise we will release our availability. The remaining amount is to be paid by the day before the workshop.

3                                 Personal Property

3.1 We do not have the facilities to ensure the safe storage of customer valuables. The White Studio does not accept liability for any loss, damage or theft to the personal property of any student. Students bring their valuables and property at their own risk.

3.2 We will operate a lost property but cannot guarantee the return of lost items. To help us please ensure that you endeavour to recover all of your belongings at the end of a session, and to notify us as soon as possible if you are missing an item after class. We will inspect the studio after classes, and notify students of any items found.

3.3 Lost property will be held until the end of the term, any property not collected by then will be disposed of.

4               Health and Safety

4.1 The White Studio carries out a full Risk Assessment of the venues in which their classes take place. In the event of a workshop booked at an external location, the responsibility for a risk assessment lies with the studio/school owner, not with The White Studio. The risk assessment is available to view upon request.

4.2 Students are not permitted to wear socks during classes, nor wear any jewellery that may compromise their safety, or cause injury to themselves or damage to property. This includes rings during a pole fitness class.

4.3 Students must not use moisturiser or oil on any part of their bodies, at least 24 hours prior to a pole fitness class.

4.4 Students arriving to class who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of any other substances will not be allowed to participate, and will not be eligible for a refund.

4.4 Students understand that they are liable for any injury occurring during flexibility classes, and/or pole fitness classes, and as a result of the effects of painkillers.

5               Behaviour

5.1 We reserve the right to refuse or remove attendee’s at any time; prior to or during class or workshops, should we feel the attendee is not compliant with the general enjoyment and objective of our service, for example: bullying, disruptive or aggressive behaviour. In the event of this, no refund will be made for the remaining classes and any additional costs incurred will be passed on to the customer along with responsibility.

5.2 This behaviour clause is also applicable to parents/carers. Any rude or unacceptable behaviour from a parent/carer towards any member of The White Studio team may result in your child’s space on any class/workshop and future clubs being rejected with no refunds.

5.3 The White Studio, nor the premises at which classes/workshops are being held, will be held responsible for any loss or injury suffered by, or to, the attendee, however caused.

5.4 When you complete your booking form any medical conditions must be disclosed. Failure to do this may result in the attendee being unable to participate in all activities. In this event no part or full refunds will be made.

5.5 In the event of an accident, the first aider if appropriate will administer first aid. The emergency services will be called if necessary – in the event of this the class teacher will phone the emergency contact number provided on the booking form as soon as possible. Please make sure your contact details are always up to date.

6                                Confidentiality and Data Protection

6.1 Any information regarding student, given to The White Studio either verbally or in writing will be treated as confidential.

6.2 Students will have access to their own records but not to those of others. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, The White Studio will keep written information about students in a secure personal record box and keep computer records in password-protected files.

6.3 By partaking in classes/workshops, you are permitting for photos to be taken and used as promotional material on newsletters, press releases and/or social media. If you wish to withdraw consent from photos being taken of yourself, please talk to a member of The White Studio team.

6.4 We will not share student details to any third party companies.

6.5 By providing your email address, you are consenting to being signed up to The White Studio newsletter. You are able to opt out of this at any time, by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email.

6.6 The White Studio will always treat information about students’ relationship difficulties, financial and business matters, and health issues, as confidential.


7               Safeguarding

7.1 Students under 18 must have parental consent for all classes, with emergency contact details and medical form fully signed. Please speak to The White Studio in person if there is anything we should be aware of regarding your child. We are not liable for any issues or incidences which occur as a result of the parent/guardian’s failure to disclose vital information.

7.2 You are required to arrange collection of your child at the finish time of any The White Studio class or workshop. Please let the teacher know before the class or workshop if the child will be collected by someone else. This is for the safety of the Child. Failure to let the teacher know will result in you being called to authorise collection by that person.
7.3 If you are going to be late to collect your child you must call or text The White Studio to inform us as soon as possible. Should The White Studio incur costs or charges due to the late collection of a child, the cost will be passed onto the customer.


7.4 At times, there may be need for physical contact with the students in order to demonstrate or correct technique. All instructors working with children are fully DBS-checked, and you have a right to request to view that information. By enrolling your child, you are giving consent to physical contact for the purposes of dance/fitness teaching, where appropriate.

7.5 The White Studio will always treat information about students’ relationship difficulties, financial and business matters, and health issues as confidential. Information will only be passed onto other professionals on a ‘need to know’ basis, if the student is under 18. Information will only be passed on if parents have given permission, or it is absolutely essential to do so in the interest of the child, for example if it suspected a child is being abused. A child’s welfare will always take top priority. This only applies to students under 18 years old, as per the Children’s Act 2004.


7                                 Equal Opportunities Policy

The White Studio will make sure that they actively promote equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices for all students. They will make sure that they treat all students with equal concern and respect. The White Studio aim to encourage students on their own journey in a safe, and supportive environment, which is conducive to learning.

The White Studio will recognise and welcome all legislation and existing codes of practice produced by appropriate commissions, for example the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The White Studio values and respects the different racial origins, religions, cultures and languages in a multi- ethnic society so that each student is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping. They will also not discriminate against students on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, age, class, family status, and HIV/Aids status.

The White Studio will provide equal chances for each student to learn and develop to their full potential, taking into account each student’s age and stage of development, gender, ethnicity, home language, and ability.

The White Studio will challenge racist and discriminatory remarks, attitudes and behaviour from the students in their care.

The White Studio will always help students to feel good about themselves and others by celebrating the differences which make us all unique.

Complaints procedure

The White Studio hopes that you are happy with the services/products that they provide and the need for a formal complaint should never arise. Should you have any concerns or issues, The White Studio hopes that you will feel able to discuss the relevant members of The White Studio team, or Director, Angie Voluti. We take great pride in the Dance and Fitness services that we provide and assure that any issues or concerns bought to our attention will be treated seriously and in confidence.



New venue for The White Studio


We have managed to get our first permanent venue in Bedford. A beautiful, Victorian building houses the large studio on Harpur Street. There are loos, a kitchen, and even a bar area for our students. Moreover, private free parking, as well as free parking on the street after 6pm, is included in the lease.

Monday 20 November is the moving date. As we have virtually exclusive use of the studio, we have added daytime and evening classes as well as private slots (1-2-1s and 2-2-1s) for both pole fitness and flexibility wheel lessons.



The White Studio announces brand ambassador for its bespoke flexibility wheels


  • 2016 UKPPC finalist Kiley M Letch chosen as The White Studio official brand ambassador
  • The White Studio manufactures the first and only wood flexibility wheel in the UK
  • Valuable aid for fitness fans who wish to improve their flexibility
  • Made with sustainable materials, and sporting unique features


September 2016, Northamptonshire, UK – British wellbeing hub The White Studio appoints pole fitness instructor Kiley M Letch as the brand ambassador for its new wood-and-cork flexibility wheel, the first and only one produced in the UK.


Pole Fitness instructor Kiley, 31, teaches at a Derbyshire studio as well as running her own classes and one-to-one training. She placed 3rd in her first-ever professional pole competition in 2015 and is now a finalist at the 2016 UKPPC (UK Professional Pole Championships). Kiley is therefore actively increasing her training focusing on flexibility and strength, in order to compete at the highest levels.


“I look at calisthenics and yoga for inspiration with continuous development in strength, control and flexibility,” says Kiley. “I understand the importance of listening to my own body to get the best results, and wanted to include The White Studio flexibility wheel in my routine training to increase my focus.”


Aged eight, Kiley was diagnosed with a mild scoliosis; more recently, with degenerative disc disease in some of the lower discs in her spine. The advice she has received from professionals is to stay active and build a strong core to support her back.


The White Studio flexibility wheel uses are multi-fold: the human body can curve around it in various poses, resulting in a range of stretches to the back, neck, shoulders and limbs. Handmade, it can be specified according to the individual’s needs. Kiley’s wheel, for example, is slightly wider than average for increased support and with sparkles on the inner surface simply because she’s Kiley! All wheels are numbered, with many available options to fulfill individual wants/needs.


“We were delighted when Kiley accepted our offer to become our brand ambassador,” says The White Studio Commercial Director Simon Lines. “Her ethos of safe training to strengthen and protect her core fits so well with our ethos of a high-quality, natural product that can be specified for the individual. Our wheel will enable Kiley to increase flexibility while developing strength, balance and control as well as perform deeper stretches and backbends.”


Kiley has also re-joined the world of gymnastics to complement her pole fitness regime: “I can’t wait to test and report on the flexibility wheel, and am is extremely excited to work with The White Studio on this project,” she added.


All The White Studio wheels are handmade in the UK, come with a 1-year limited warranty and are tested to a maximum loading of 120kg. Prices start at £99.



Twitter handle: @thewhite_studio

Instagram: TheWhiteStudio



Kiley M Letch

Instagram: kileypolefitness



At a glance:


The White Studio flexibility wheel                                   Cheap plastic and foam wheel
Weighs 1kg Weighs around 1.2kg
Warrantied to 100kg (tested to 120kg) Claimed 220kg, no warranty
One-year warranty No warranty
Handmade Mass produced
Lovingly crafted in Northamptonshire Mass produced in China
Individually numbered Bulk production to be as cheap as possible
Only natural materials like wood and cork Plastic with foam cover
Wide ‘shoulder’ for extra support (aver. 6in) Narrower shoulder (aver. 5in)
Diameter, 32cm Diameter, 32cm
Many colour, finish and size options Range of colours
Advice, suggestions, tuition and support Not available
Option: sparkles Not available
Option: individually named Not available
Option: larger diameter and/or width Not available



The White Studio: first British manufacturer of handmade yoga wheels (launch media release)




  • First wood flexibility wheel handmade in the UK
  • Valuable aid for fitness fans who wish to improve their backbends and overall flexibility
  • Made with sustainable materials, and sporting unique features



British wellbeing hub The White Studio introduces the first flexibility wheel, handcrafted from wood, to be produced in the UK.


The White Studio’s flexibility wheel is a 33cm-diameter wheel with an ergonomically-friendly 14.5cm width to accommodate the individual’s backbend (as exercises are performed) and provide more stability.


The wheel is used to increase flexibility of the user’s middle and lower back, open the upper back and as an aid to develop strength, balance and control as well as perform deeper stretches and backbends.


The White Studio Commercial Director Simon Lines explains: “When The White Studio began planning flexibility classes, we looked around for a competitively-priced quality wheel to use in the studio. Imagine our surprise to discover that our choices were essentially reduced to either a cheap, plastic wheel (imported from China) or a very expensive – though good quality – wood wheel (imported from the USA).


“With this in mind, we set about exploring the possibility of constructing our own wheels here in the UK, a country with an outstanding history of manufacturing bespoke, high quality products.”


The White Studio’s initial choice was wood construction, but there are other materials (apart from the ubiquitous ‘injection moulded plastic’) that lend themselves to fitness wheel production.


The basis of all The White Studio wheels is laminated wood construction: thin sheets bonded together to form light and flexible, yet incredibly strong wheels. With this method as a basis, thinner wood wheels (which, by themselves, cannot meet weight requirements) were reinforced with a variety of different materials, giving differing ‘feels’ when used.


“Our research lead us to the conclusion that wood is only an option and that while 100% wood is actually our preferred method, wheels constructed using a mix of materials give some great results.”






The White Studio flexibility wheels can be specified as wider than standard size, and therefore be more supportive. Most wheels on the market are around 125mm wide (5 inches). This ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach would be acceptable if humans were all (literally) one size. The White Studio took the view that, for better support, the basic wheel size should be closer to 6in wide, with options to go wider or narrower as required.


Because The White Studio wheels are individually crafted, there is scope for tremendous flexibility to construct them in a variety of widths, weights and stiffness, but also from a variety materials, even carbon fibre. There literally is a wheel to suit any budget, weight load requirement and design preference.


All The White Studio wheels are handmade in the UK, come with a 3-year limited warranty and are tested to a maximum load weight of 110kg. Prices start at £99.



Twitter handle: @thewhite_studio

Instagram: TheWhiteStudio









Editor’s notes: The White Studio, based in a residential property and in very informal, friendly surroundings, offers flexibility classes using its bespoke wheels, beginner-level pole classes, and a meeting point for all those who wish to have a little break from their working day over a freshly-made vegetable juice (or two) and/or enjoy a manicure/pedicure, and sports massage.