• Flexibility yoga wheel manufacturer starts fitness group classes
  • Bedford College Dance Studio was chosen as the ideal class venue
  • Fully-qualified business partners cover disciplines from contemporary dance to pole fitness


MAY 2017, BEDFORDSHIRE UK – British wellbeing hub The White Studio announces the launch of its fitness classes in Bedford; courses and sessions are held weekly at Bedford College Dance Studio.


The White Studio is the first and only European business to manufacture bespoke flexibility yoga wheels in natural, sustainable materials and to the user’s specification, and has just chosen Bedford as the first of the cities in which to hold its flexibility, dance and pole fitness courses.


“We started producing the only UK-made wood and cork flexibility yoga wheels last year, and it became immediately apparent that there were no classes focused on the use of such a tool,” says The White Studio Principal Angie Voluti. “We decided to create a course to teach students who wish to increase their flexibility and improve their fitness how the flexibility wheel can help.”


Business partner Amelia Davie is in charge of contemporary dance, floor-work and free-flow classes. RAD and ISTD multiple-certificate holder at Advanced Level and a graduate in Dance and Professional Practice, Ba (Hons), 26-year-old Amelia also has a PGCE in Education and has enjoyed a meteoric rise in her career as a qualified teacher and Personal Tutor.


“I am totally focused on dance as a way to express one’s feelings and relationship with one’s body,” says Amelia. “I have been professionally trained to share that passion, and our classes are the perfect conduit.”


Fifty-two-year old Angie Voluti is a fully qualified pole fitness instructor at Advanced Level. “I started pole fitness a couple of years ago; following for this sport has increased exponentially over the last few years, and it is a fantastic way to keep fit, whilst having fun,” she explained. “Age is not a barrier, and I am living proof of that!”


Bedford classes take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Bedford College, Dance Studio, between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. For more information or bookings, contact The White Studio Amelia Davie or Angie Voluti on 07491 800 919, or visit www.facebook.com/thewhitestudiolife.



Notes to editors:

The White Studio provides tutorials, help, support and advice about how to use the flexibility wheels, to the individual or establishments like gyms. The company is in the process of producing Instructor Courses (three levels, Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced, supported by manuals and ‘live’ workshops) with certificates showing attainment of the highest standards. There is no other manufacturer or business which offers the entire package, alongside a professional lifetime of continuous development and drive to perfecting one’s abilities.


Flexibility wheels increase stretching efforts by fitness practitioners, yogis, gymnasts and dancers: anybody whose lifestyle would benefit from more flexibility, supple limbs, control over one’s body, a healthy and strong back, spine and joints, is an ideal owner and user. All ‘The White Studio’ flexibility yoga wheels are bespoke and can be any width (i.e. made to suit the individual); they are strong and lighter than any other mass-produced items and come – uniquely in a market which offers virtually no guarantees – with a written and dated warranty.



Website: www.thewhitestudio.life

Twitter handle: @thewhite_studio

Instagram: TheWhiteStudio

FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/TheWhiteStudioLife


At a glance:


The White Studio flexibility wheel                                         Cheap plastic and foam wheel
Weighs 1kg Weighs around 1.2kg
Warrantied to 100kg (tested to 120kg) Claimed 220kg, no warranty
One-year warranty No warranty
Handmade Mass produced
Lovingly crafted in Northamptonshire Mass produced in China
Individually numbered Bulk production to be as cheap as possible
Only natural materials like wood and cork Plastic with foam cover
Wide ‘shoulder’ for extra support (aver. 6in) Narrower shoulder (aver. 5in)
Diameter, 32cm Diameter, 32cm
Many colour, finish and size options Range of colours
Advice, suggestions, tuition and support Not available
Option: sparkles Not available
Option: individually named Not available
Option: larger diameter and/or width Not available