The White Studio announces brand ambassador for its bespoke flexibility wheels


  • 2016 UKPPC finalist Kiley M Letch chosen as The White Studio official brand ambassador
  • The White Studio manufactures the first and only wood flexibility wheel in the UK
  • Valuable aid for fitness fans who wish to improve their flexibility
  • Made with sustainable materials, and sporting unique features


September 2016, Northamptonshire, UK – British wellbeing hub The White Studio appoints pole fitness instructor Kiley M Letch as the brand ambassador for its new wood-and-cork flexibility wheel, the first and only one produced in the UK.


Pole Fitness instructor Kiley, 31, teaches at a Derbyshire studio as well as running her own classes and one-to-one training. She placed 3rd in her first-ever professional pole competition in 2015 and is now a finalist at the 2016 UKPPC (UK Professional Pole Championships). Kiley is therefore actively increasing her training focusing on flexibility and strength, in order to compete at the highest levels.


“I look at calisthenics and yoga for inspiration with continuous development in strength, control and flexibility,” says Kiley. “I understand the importance of listening to my own body to get the best results, and wanted to include The White Studio flexibility wheel in my routine training to increase my focus.”


Aged eight, Kiley was diagnosed with a mild scoliosis; more recently, with degenerative disc disease in some of the lower discs in her spine. The advice she has received from professionals is to stay active and build a strong core to support her back.


The White Studio flexibility wheel uses are multi-fold: the human body can curve around it in various poses, resulting in a range of stretches to the back, neck, shoulders and limbs. Handmade, it can be specified according to the individual’s needs. Kiley’s wheel, for example, is slightly wider than average for increased support and with sparkles on the inner surface simply because she’s Kiley! All wheels are numbered, with many available options to fulfill individual wants/needs.


“We were delighted when Kiley accepted our offer to become our brand ambassador,” says The White Studio Commercial Director Simon Lines. “Her ethos of safe training to strengthen and protect her core fits so well with our ethos of a high-quality, natural product that can be specified for the individual. Our wheel will enable Kiley to increase flexibility while developing strength, balance and control as well as perform deeper stretches and backbends.”


Kiley has also re-joined the world of gymnastics to complement her pole fitness regime: “I can’t wait to test and report on the flexibility wheel, and am is extremely excited to work with The White Studio on this project,” she added.


All The White Studio wheels are handmade in the UK, come with a 1-year limited warranty and are tested to a maximum loading of 120kg. Prices start at £99.



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Kiley M Letch

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At a glance:


The White Studio flexibility wheel                                   Cheap plastic and foam wheel
Weighs 1kg Weighs around 1.2kg
Warrantied to 100kg (tested to 120kg) Claimed 220kg, no warranty
One-year warranty No warranty
Handmade Mass produced
Lovingly crafted in Northamptonshire Mass produced in China
Individually numbered Bulk production to be as cheap as possible
Only natural materials like wood and cork Plastic with foam cover
Wide ‘shoulder’ for extra support (aver. 6in) Narrower shoulder (aver. 5in)
Diameter, 32cm Diameter, 32cm
Many colour, finish and size options Range of colours
Advice, suggestions, tuition and support Not available
Option: sparkles Not available
Option: individually named Not available
Option: larger diameter and/or width Not available