The White Studio: first British manufacturer of handmade yoga wheels (launch media release)




  • First wood flexibility wheel handmade in the UK
  • Valuable aid for fitness fans who wish to improve their backbends and overall flexibility
  • Made with sustainable materials, and sporting unique features



British wellbeing hub The White Studio introduces the first flexibility wheel, handcrafted from wood, to be produced in the UK.


The White Studio’s flexibility wheel is a 33cm-diameter wheel with an ergonomically-friendly 14.5cm width to accommodate the individual’s backbend (as exercises are performed) and provide more stability.


The wheel is used to increase flexibility of the user’s middle and lower back, open the upper back and as an aid to develop strength, balance and control as well as perform deeper stretches and backbends.


The White Studio Commercial Director Simon Lines explains: “When The White Studio began planning flexibility classes, we looked around for a competitively-priced quality wheel to use in the studio. Imagine our surprise to discover that our choices were essentially reduced to either a cheap, plastic wheel (imported from China) or a very expensive – though good quality – wood wheel (imported from the USA).


“With this in mind, we set about exploring the possibility of constructing our own wheels here in the UK, a country with an outstanding history of manufacturing bespoke, high quality products.”


The White Studio’s initial choice was wood construction, but there are other materials (apart from the ubiquitous ‘injection moulded plastic’) that lend themselves to fitness wheel production.


The basis of all The White Studio wheels is laminated wood construction: thin sheets bonded together to form light and flexible, yet incredibly strong wheels. With this method as a basis, thinner wood wheels (which, by themselves, cannot meet weight requirements) were reinforced with a variety of different materials, giving differing ‘feels’ when used.


“Our research lead us to the conclusion that wood is only an option and that while 100% wood is actually our preferred method, wheels constructed using a mix of materials give some great results.”






The White Studio flexibility wheels can be specified as wider than standard size, and therefore be more supportive. Most wheels on the market are around 125mm wide (5 inches). This ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach would be acceptable if humans were all (literally) one size. The White Studio took the view that, for better support, the basic wheel size should be closer to 6in wide, with options to go wider or narrower as required.


Because The White Studio wheels are individually crafted, there is scope for tremendous flexibility to construct them in a variety of widths, weights and stiffness, but also from a variety materials, even carbon fibre. There literally is a wheel to suit any budget, weight load requirement and design preference.


All The White Studio wheels are handmade in the UK, come with a 3-year limited warranty and are tested to a maximum load weight of 110kg. Prices start at £99.



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Editor’s notes: The White Studio, based in a residential property and in very informal, friendly surroundings, offers flexibility classes using its bespoke wheels, beginner-level pole classes, and a meeting point for all those who wish to have a little break from their working day over a freshly-made vegetable juice (or two) and/or enjoy a manicure/pedicure, and sports massage.


Possible uses for the flexibility wheel #138

…as an eating bowl…



Possible uses for the flexibility wheel #137

… To curl and fit INSIDE the wheel…



Possible uses for the flexibility wheel #136

As an assault course for smart toy poodles….